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Customer Testimonials

Carla was referred to me by my sister in law for post c-section care of our baby.  She told me there is no way you can do this without Carla, and she was right! Carla came every night for a week following my c-section and made life so much easier for my husband and me. She handled ALL aspects of caring for the baby from 7am to 7pm, and when she left in the morning I had a happy baby AND clean bottles ;)  We continued to have her care for our little boy for two nights a week until he was 2 months old, and still call her when we need a night to ourselves.  On top of the physical care, Carla offered so many tips and helpful advice from her years of experience caring for babies; as a new mom, this was one of the most invaluable parts!  

Living in a different city than my parents and not being able to call on them every time we need a hand with the baby makes me feel so blessed to have met Carla. She loves my baby and we love her. You cannot ask for more! 
                                                                                                                                                         ~Jack and Lane Bethay


"Carla gave me piece of mind and much needed rest with the overnight care of my second child. She immediately became best buds with my three old and was helpful with her as well. And when I needed some daytime help and Carla wasn't available, she accommodated me with two other nannies that were just as qualified. l highly recommend her service if you are looking for a dependable, trustworthy nanny with tons of experience."
                ~David and Andrea Snyder, Owners of Urban Cook House 

Carla has been so wonderful! She took such great care of our baby, very knowledgeable, and enjoyed being with him. It made all of the difference to me to be able to sleep through the night knowing my baby was in good hands. I really couldn't have made it through those rough newborn weeks without her.  
                                                                         ~Dr. Merritt and Chrissy Cullom 

Mrs. Carla is truly the “baby whisperer”.    

My mother in law was sick and unable to come help me   right after I had my baby so she graciously told me she would pay for someone to help me a few nights.  I asked my neighbor (who is an OBGYN) if she had a recommendation.  Two of her friends had used Carla and loved her.  After about an hour of Mrs. Carla being at my house I never ever wanted her to leave.  When she was leaving the next morning I immediately booked my next night.  When Mrs. Carla came it wasn’t just the fact that I got to finally sleep through the night, it was also how nurturing and knowledgeable she is.  Each time was the best night of the week!!  My baby was so happy and so were we!  If you are looking for a caring woman to help you with your newborn (or any age) Mrs. Carla is the woman.

                                             ~Jeff and Ashley Pendleton